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Blink: Captions & Teleprompter


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Blink is the ultimate solution for video captions, subtitles, teleprompting and editing for creating engaging talking videos. It’s the perfect tool for vloggers, influencers, and creators active on popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels, and more. With Blink, generating captions and subtitles, utilizing teleprompter recording, scriptwriting with AI, and video editing becomes a breeze.

???? Automated, Stylish Captions & Subtitles for Videos
Blink simplifies the creation of synchronized captions and customizable subtitles, making it effortless to engage your audience. Our advanced video caption and subtitle generator automatically adds closed captions to your social media videos, enhancing their accessibility. With support for MP4 video files uploads, 4K video export, multilingual subtitles, and trendy caption styles, Blink stands as your indispensable app for all video captioning and subtitling needs.

⏺️ Teleprompter for Seamless Recording
Say farewell to memorizing scripts – Blink’s voice-synced teleprompter feature makes recording straightforward. Our Android teleprompter app lets you read from a script or prompt while maintaining eye contact with your camera or audience. The scrolling speed is synced with your voice, enabling you to speak naturally. With support for different recording modes, adjustable scrolling speeds, remote control compatibility, and professional teleprompter mirroring, Blink’s teleprompter has you covered.

✂️ Edit Videos By Deleting Text
Experience the cutting-edge of video editing with Blink’s intuitive text-based video editor. By deleting words from the transcribed text, you can effortlessly trim corresponding video and audio segments. Moreover, with a single click, silence or filler words are eliminated, streamlining your video content like never before.

✍️ AI Script Writer Powered by ChatGPT
Leverage the power of AI for your video scripts with Blink’s integrated ChatGPT. Simply jot down your ideas, and our AI writer swiftly transforms them into polished video scripts. This potent tool enables you to concentrate more on your message delivery and less on scriptwriting intricacies.

???? Real-Time Chromakey Green Screen Effects
Change your recording background on the fly with Blink’s virtual green screen scenes. Thanks to our advanced Chromakey green screen effects, you can forget about post-production video editing. With endless options, from offices to living rooms, your backgrounds are only limited by your imagination!

???? Fun Emojis, GIFs & Sound Effects
Bring personality to your videos with Blink’s extensive library of GIFs, emojis, and sound effects. With just a click, editing your video to make it more engaging has never been easier.

????️ Studio-Quality Audio Recording
Achieve studio-quality audio in your videos with Blink’s AI-powered noise reduction. Our sophisticated audio enhancement filters ensure crystal clear voice clarity, empowering you to confidently deliver your message.

???? Beauty Filters for the Perfect Look
Get ready for your recording with Blink’s beauty filters. Choose from a wide range of filters to enhance your appearance and present the best version of yourself to your audience.

Blink, your all-in-one teleprompter, auto caption, and subtitle app, is your key to crafting standout talking videos of professional quality. Discover the ease of creating social media videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more with Blink’s exceptional teleprompter, caption, subtitle, and video editing features!

Terms of service: https://www.blinkvideo.ai/terms
Privacy policy: https://www.blinkvideo.ai/privacy_policy

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